Geophysical data provide a detailed picture of geological structures beneath the Earth’s surface. Acquiring and analysing seismic data is therefore the first step when rock formations are surveyed for possible petroleum deposits.

What is a seismic survey?

In a geophysical survey, sound pulses are emitted into the rock formations below the seabed. The sound waves are reflected back to sensors that are either placed on the seabed or towed behind a seismic vessel.

Seismic data has to be processed before geologists can study the imaged conditions under the seabed.

There are several categories of seismic surveys:

  • In 2D surveys, the data are collected by a single sensor cable. This provides a relatively low resolution image of the underground, and is used for reconnaissance in new exploration areas.
  • In 3D surveys, seismic data are collected by several parallel sensor cables, providing a three-dimensional and more detailed image of the subsurface. This is used in the exploration/appraisal phase.
  • 4D surveys consist of repeated 3D surveys of the same area in order to detect any changes in a reservoir over time as a result of production or injection. These surveys are conducted in producing fields.

What does SATPOS deliver?

We have developed and deliver tracking solutions for floating assets around the vessel (buoys, sources and boats).

Our CITIUS system is a high accuracy relative positioning system, based on multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS technology and sends its data through air or wire.

Out AQUARIUS range of products are battery-powered, satellite communication units that transmits it's position at regular intervals for paravane, buoy and asset tracking/recovery.

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From custom engineered products to standard solutions – with easy control and monitoring in one web based platform.From custom engineered products to standard solutions – with easy control and monitoring in one web based platform.

GNSS RTK Positioning

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Seismic Door Trackers

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