SATPOS Enabler

The “SATPOS Enabler” is the water sensor unit which captures water data and position data, continuously logging local variations and biochemical qualities.

Due to its low cost and easy handling for all customers, it enables the possibility of having multiple reference points in the farm simultaniously. By doing so, you create a digital twin of your farm giving you complete remote access and control anytime, from anywhere.

  • Live and continuously datalogging
  • Water parameters and variations
  • I.e. light, temperature, pH and DO logging
  • Water surface positioning and tracking
  • Global connectivity, both at shore and in the ocean
  • Long lifetime rechargeable battery driven
  • Plug-and-play design for easy deployment

SATPOS Insight

The «SATPOS Insight» is the graphical analysis tool, which gives access to the captured data, 3rd party data and manually added data. The platform solution also has warning mechanisms and monitoring features, which gives you a remote live overview.

The “SATPOS Insight”provides you with better control, making it possible to optimize and scale your business.

Farm at glance - A tool of fast and live status of the farm and its surroundings

Warning - If deviations occur, the farmer will receive a warning before matters escalate.

Planning - New farm locations, inspection or harvesting, with historical, current and forecast, it is possible to plan the work and the risk.

Optimizing - By capturing data and using 3rd party data, the farmer can learn and optimize the farm.

  • Live status and monitoring system
  • Continuous logging and storing data
  • Automatic warning and tracking mechanisms
  • Map overview and forecast
  • Analysis features with sensor-data, 3rd party data and manually added data
  • A tool that enables you to optimize and scale in a cost-effective manner

With the “SATPOS Insight” tool, you will be able to optimize and scale your maritime industry, minimizing the time needed for manual inspection and verifications. Saving both your time and the environment.

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First pilot customer

SATPOS Ocean Sense and Arctic Seaweed are proud to announce that the very first pilot of the our system is placed in Arctic Seaweeds farm on the outskirts of Bergen, Norway.

SATPOS`s own CTO, Martin Skjelhaugen, together with Nordmann Misje from Arctic Seaweed during the first installation of the SATPOS Solution.

Satpos enabler

The SATPOS Enabler is a low-cost, easy plug`n play multiple sensor unit that can fit to any existing buoy. It captures different water parameters in various ocean depths.

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Satpos Insight

The SATPOS Insight, is the ocean data analytics platform which collects all the data.

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Empowering you

Empowering you with a complete
real-time remote monitoring of your farm.

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