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An easy battery powered tracker used multiple purpose tracking of floating assets such as buoys, vessels, barges etc.
World-wide coverage through Iridium satellites, low cost and multiple purpose makes this the ideal choice for offshore asset operators.

Easy recovery of your valuable assets

Our solid and plug-and-play solution for tracking of valuable moving assets at sea. We have specialized in rugged enclosures for harsh ocean environments, combined with the latest GNSS tracking solutions.

SATPOS MPAT operates on Iridium network. This device can track, monitor and control buoys and floats with a low-cost system that is easy to use, install, maintain and operate.

It has an integrated battery pack that can keep the unit alive for ½ to 3 years depending upon report interval setup.

No external switches are needed to power the unit, a simple magnetic switch is removed and the unit is activated.

With reliable two-way communication, low latency and low setup costs - the SATPOS MPAT is ideal for tracking and monitoring assets.


  • Bi-directional interface enables communication to and from the unit for tracking, monitoring and control
  • Seamless global coverage based on Iridium satellite
  • Low message latency allows for applications that require immediate communication to and from the asset
  • Magnetic power switch for easy installations and maintenance
  • Mounting / protection brackets available for different purposes
  • Low power consumption enables applications that requires long battery life
  • Easy installations and maintenance reduce deployment and operating costs
  • Online internet tracking with www.satpos.com