OUR Mission

Our mission is to make a significant and tangible impact by empowering local ocean farmers to develop and scale-up marine food resources profitably and sustainably.
We are doing this by making ocean data available, affordable and understood - by everyone.

Disruptive ocean technology to empower local farmers globally

Driven by the ambition to make a real impact on the livelihoods of people who are dependent on food from ocean resources, we push technological development to disrupt the world’s largest industry within aquaculture. We believe in the power of sharing.

Our vision is to make ocean data accessible for more people with low-cost technology.

The farming of seaweed, mussels, scallops and other sustainable seafood industries face similar challenges: Lack of access to low-cost monitoring systems. It is largely a manual driven industry which  exposes farmers to operational risks when taking the boats out in unpredictable ocean environments to check if their source of income is still there. It is difficult for farmers to control the volume and quality of their harvest, nor are they able to predict the environmental or ecological changes which impact their farms.

Our ambition to help small scale farmer in these global multi-billion industries to optimize their production, reduce operational risks and increase their profitability.

We disrupt to make a real difference.  For the people and for the planet.

Our ambition is to help small scale farmers in these global multi-billion industries optimize their production, reduce operational risks and increase their profitability.

We disrupt to make a real difference. For the people and for the planet. And without compromising our values. For us, success is measured on shared-profits and long-term impact, creating welfare for all.
- CEO, Knut Skumsvoll

Our own social repsonsibility

Having been born and raised in one of the world's wealthiest countries, with a solid social democracy, education and healthcare system, we know that we have been fortunate.

The Norwegian offshore industry has yielded enormous wealth and opportunities and has ensured that we’ve built up unique and solid engineering competence and technology, with products forged in some of the most challenging conditions on earth, able to withstand the harshest ocean environments and which are built to last.

 Norway’s pioneering spirit, innovative culture and immense competence has put us in a powerful position. And with our increased awareness of the unprecedented scale of the challenges facing the world globally, we also know that with power comes responsibility.

Our strong technical competence is built on the foundation of decades of developing technology for the offshore and marine geophysical industry. Technology which is built to meet the challenges of harsh ocean environments.

Ocean technology has up until now, primarily been a tool available to those who have the wealth to access it. Our mission is to use our competence to empower local farmers who do not have this wealth or access - by innovating low-cost solutions that help to make these farmers profitable and create sustainable livelihoods.

Sharing ocean technology competence across different sectors is necessary to empower people to understand more about the ocean environment, and how and where ocean resources can be harvested.

 To truly create a sustainable circular economy for local communities, we need to innovate new business models and income streams, which are not  dependent on the support of the not-for-profit sector. We need a transfer of knowledge and expertise across markets and continents.

For us, profit, people and planet are of equal importance.
We take our social responsibilities seriously and our commitment to our own values are heart felt and sincere. We will never compromise.

In creating a sustainable circular economy, we must engage in a long-term commitment.

We have a mission.
We are not there yet, but we are on our way. Join us.

SATPOS Enabler is a low-cost, plug and play device that is easily installed to buoys in all kinds of ocean environments.Our smart sensor system captures valuable ocean data at various depths, sending data to the cloud in real-time.

SATPOS Insight is a tool that gives farmers real-time insight into their farm and its surroundings. When deviations occur, the farmer receives a warning before matters escalate.

The farmer can optimize the production by capturing data like temperature and salinity and combine this with useful third-party data such as weather forecasts. With historical and current data, the farmers receive a powerful tool in planning for future farm locations, inspections of existing farms and securing an optimal harvest with minimal risks.