SATPOS Ocean Sense is a small, but mighty technology company. Our dedicated team holds great pride and commitment to our values. We take our social responsibilities seriously and expect the same from our investors.

Are you our right investor?

We welcome investors to join our journey. We are looking for investors who identify with the following:

Like us, you…

…see the importance of developing and using marine resources in a sustainable way.

…don’t compromise on moral integrity to achieve your goals. Ever.

…are in it for the long run. You acknowledge that our mission is not a quick fix.

…are passionate about creating a circular economy in new, unexplored ocean space.

…are committed to enabling local farmers globally to become more profitable and improve their quality of life.

Our business model is a Saas model and shall provide both financial and sustainable profits. This benefits us all.  

Us. You. The farmers. Their families. Their communities. And the climate.

Why invest in us?

 We are contributing to solving some of the world’s greatest challenges;  hunger and climate change.

  • We are driven by the ambition to make a significant and tangible impact.
  • We have a strong, dedicated team of high-skilled passionate professionals.
  • Profit , people and planet are equally important for us.
  • Our disruptive business model has global potential. The seaweed market alone is booming with an estimated annual growth rate of 15 % globally.

Facts about the global seaweed market

  • Seaweed is the world’s largest aquaculture industry.
  • Global market of USD 16.7 billion (2020), expected to grow to more than USD 30 billion in 2025.
  • 97% of the global production is located in Asia.
  • Indonesia alone has over 250 000 seaweed farms. All operated manually, by families.
  • 12% of the daily nutrition for the 4.6 billion Asian population is seaweed.
  • Seaweed captures carbon 50 times more than a rain forest.

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