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Find your fender before it`s too late.
Pneumatic fenders are made to work hard and in extremely severe environments. These harsh conditions cause failure of mooring lines, riggings and mooring points - and loosing your fenders.

For recovery

The GPS tracking unit is made to be able to track the fender immediately and send a boat to recover it.

The frequency of the messages can be set to continuous mode if the fender is lost, in order to retrieve an exact position of the the fender.

For service

The unit can be set to a continuous service mode, giving the ship the fenders information of it`s position, pressure and temperature during the operation, to allow the Mooring Master to monitor the fenders.

Loosing a fender may cause harm to people and environment.

  • Navigation safety
  • Port Authority and Coast Guard fines
  • Financial impacts for recovering and reinstalling
  • Possible delays on ships operations
  • Media impact

This solution has been developed with Pedrotec, an engineering and supply company based in Italy.