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The robust, reliable and high precision tracking system for source
and buoy`s in seismic survey operations.

Uncompromised RTK tracking performance for seismic surveys

The CITIUS System is a easy and hassle-free solution for RGNSS (RGPS) applications.

The system is proven through many years and is extremely rugged and stable. The vessel unit (M-200) have everything built-in and provides a simple way of implementing RGNSS/RGPS to your vessels without any hassle.

Providing 10cm precision in range, bearing and altitude, the CITIUS system is optimal for 2D, 3D and 4D surveys.

The remote pod units (X500/X700) are extremely rugged and will not be damaged by hard usage.

Utilizing industry-standard components, the CITIUS system is a K.I.S.S turn-key solution that just works!

  • 10 years track record
  • Better than 10 cm precision
  • Special designed to withstand extreme shock, rough handling and weather conditions

Global service and support

Service and support is provided by Satpos direct or;
Fugro Norway, for global 24/7 support.

For more information and technical specification,
please contact us.