Knut Skumsvoll

Chief Product Officer

Knut has a broad background from commercial business and technology development. He has experience as a principal and lead of R&D in large companies.
He has worked with innovative and demanding players within defence, offshore, maritime and medical industry and more, and guided start-ups with their technology.

In addition, he has a background as a Clearance Diver, divided him with exceptional strategic and leadership skills in uncertain and chaotic situations, as well as unprecedented knowledge about subsea operations.

Knut is a philosophical and calm man, with good values and empathy for others. He is unafraid to challenge the established and addresses accountability in everything that we do. When he is not working, you can find him his old remote cabin in the woods, fiddling in an honest attempt to repair his ancient old greasy tractor. He also, tells really dry dad-jokes. 936 58 116

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