John-Harry R. Edvardsen

Co-founder & Currently working for Fugro

John-Harry is the co-founder of SATPOS and is an experienced technology and computer engineer with special interests in GNSS positioning technologies, RF communication, sensor and IoT platforms.

 He has a strong business understanding and entrepreneurial drive, and has a proven track record in product engineering, international sales, business development and start/ups.

John-Harry have worked most of his life in the maritime and offshore industry with a passion for making solutions in one of the toughest environments on the planet.

In his spare time, he loves spend time with his family, play the guitar or go golfing!
John-Harry does not tell dry dad-jokes, but rather geek and nerd jokes.

As a part of an IP sale of legacy product to the seismic industry, John is currently working for Fugro until Q4 2022.

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