Eva Helen Rognskog

Chief Executive Officer

Eva Helen is the visionary CEO and co-founder of SATPOS and has an extensive experience working with ocean technology commercialization.

She is a passionate advocate and a global voice in ocean technology and seaweed farming. She`s a founding member of Seaweed For Europe Coalition, entrepreneurship mentor and Board of directors at British-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce. She is working actively with different industries and global government policymakers to help scale the seaweed industry and to help empower seaweed farmers globally, both in Europe and Asia.

Eva Helen is a down-to-earth energic woman with punch, who is known to “walk the talk” and addresses accountability and credibility in to creating a sustainable circular economy in the ocean industry. She hates injustice and advocates for equal rights and opportunities for everyone. She is blatantly honest and at times, when needed, a tough business woman, driven by the ambition to make an actual impact - for both the climate and communities.

When she is not working, you can find her playing on the piano, dancing - but mostly just laughing of her own jokes..

eva@satpos.com+47 934 65 744

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