About us

With extensive experience from the development of electronics, sensing and software systems for oil and gas, we utilize this expertise to develop specialized products to withstand the most extreme conditions for all ocean space markets.

Climate and oil are not like oil and water. The two can be united.

Our oil knowledge is crucial in our efforts to become more climate-friendly.

Because of the technology and knowledge accumulated through our experince in oil and gas, we are able to advance our technology for new and green markets.

Our story

Since 1997, team of SATPOS have grown in close cooperation with the oil and gas industry. Together with our customers, we have developed positioning and sensor technology to operate in the harshest and wildest weather areas in the world.

Together with our customers, we have developed products that require less energy and provide more functionality. Together we have built up knowledge that helps make new industries more sustainable.


We are a company driven by technological development, in areas of the world where the use of high-tech electronics creates a significant challenge due to the extreme environments it is applied in.

With our long experience, great enthusiasm, bold approach, and commitment, we push to challenge technology and go beyond the expectations of the market without compromising the products' performance.

At SATPOS, our vision is to develop solutions that have uncompromised performance, fit to endure any environment.

We have a saying; "If it works in seismic exploration, it will work anywhere."

Our experience and expertise drive us to explore new opportunities in markets where positioning, sensory, and communication are vital for capturing valuable and critical data. We do so by applying the latest research within radio, satellite, sensor, and computing technology.

Born into innovation

Siblings and great enthusiasts in the field, John-Harry R. Edvardsen and Eva Helen Rognskog, the founders of SATPOS, was born and raised into a small family business that changed the development of electronics for the seismic industry.

This bold approach to innovation became the foundation, experience, and legacy of how SATPOS, now as a second-generation, develops, delivers, and engineer products today. 

Since 1997 we've been involved in engineering and delivering cutting edge technology primarily for the oil and gas and maritime marked.

In 2020 we continue to push technology further by implementing our knowledge and expertise from the oil and gas industry to new product developments for harsh ocean space by developing a unique, smart, scalable, and lean platform based on the latest technology for an autonomous future.

Lean organization

We are a small and robust organization with a continuous focus on creating lean processes to be fast movers, advance our core expertise, and deliver the highest quality solutions.

By partnering with highly qualified and certified partners for manufacturing processes, we ensure that all aspects of the development and quality process are secured.

Service providers

Through our global network of service and support providers, we can assist our clients whenever and wherever they need us.