We are committed to provide everyone with tools to enable more insight and understanding of the ocean, empowering people to enable efficient development and sustainable harvesting of new ocean food resources while helping battle climate change.

Making ocean data available, affordable, and understood - by everyone. This is enabled by our Saas business model.

Disrupting ocean tech with values

71% of the earth consists of oceans, yet only 2% is used for ocean food resources.
Rising sea levels due to climate change force local communities from land-based farming
to ocean-based farming - in a rapid phase.

We are a small, but mighty start-up that aims to empower people with tools to help scale ocean farming,
by reducing manual operations and increase quality and profits.

Our solution

We have a Saas licence solutions for our customers, in order to enable everyone with tools to understand more of the ocean environment and harvest more of the untapped ocean resources - in a safe and sustinable way.

By deploying sensors and other forms of remote monitoring, it will not only help empower farmers by giving them a better understanding of the growing environment and importantly the changes that are occurring but also provide a level of buyer transparency that could radically impact their future earnings over time.

- The Indonesia Seaweed Initiative Report, KMB 2020

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Satpos enabler

The SATPOS Enabler is a low-cost, easy plug`n play multiple sensor unit that can fit to any existing buoy. It captures different water parameters in various ocean depths.

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Satpos Insight

The SATPOS Insight, is the ocean data analytics platform which collects all the data.

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Empowering you

Empowering you with a complete
real-time remote monitoring of your farm.

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